What is an Escape Game? The principle is simple: escape from a room by successfully completing your mission in less than 60 minutes. In teams of 3 to 6 players, You will have to cooperate, use your logic, your sense of observation, your spirit of deduction to get out as quickly as possible.

Who can do an Escape Game?


At SHARLOCKED, our escape rooms are accessible to everyone: whether you are young or old, in a wheelchair or on your two legs, tall or short, French-speaking, English-speaking, deaf, hard of hearing ... SHARLOCKED missions do not include any sporting element. and will satisfy both novices and escape game insiders.


They are also an original gift that is sure to please,

whatever the occasion, anyone would like it!

The game:

Upon your arrival
You and your team arrive at the time you chose when booking. No need to arrive early, everything is planned. Once there, we will take the time to explain what this unusual adventure has in store for you.

You will be greeted by a game master who will immerse you in the atmosphere and give you a mission of the utmost importance. From there, it's the big leap into the unknown: your mission begins.

During the mission
In settings worthy of the cinema, your team will have to collaborate to succeed in the mission which will have been entrusted to you in order to escape in less than 60 minutes. There is only one solution for this: everyone will have to search the room in every nook and cranny to find objects, clues, keys that will allow you to progress. It is the team spirit that counts, it is necessary to communicate, cooperate, share thoughts, ideas, help each other during the time allotted to you.

However, you are not on your own; throughout the mission, the game master follows you with the help of cameras and gives you valuable advice to guide you towards success. You are therefore well surrounded with the guarantee of 100% personalized follow-up.


End of the mission
Time passes, the last second passes and then?
Two possibilities :



You successfully completed your mission and escaped the room in less than 60 minutes. It is filled with pride and joy that you emerge triumphantly from the escape room. The game master is there to congratulate you and this is the opportunity to come back with him on the highlights of your adventure.



60 minutes have passed and you have failed to complete your mission. Do not panic, the game master comes to join you, explain what you lacked to complete the mission. It is a moment of exchange between him and you during which you can ask him all the questions that come to your mind.

Finally, to immortalize this unique moment that you have just experienced, the game master will suggest that you take a souvenir photo.


So, ready to try the adventure with SHARLOCKED? One thing is certain, you will remember it!